About Us

We are GEnius DEVelopers

You are definitely intrigued to discover who we are. Genius Developers(GEDEV) you too can soon be one of us. GEDEV is not just an online course and tutoring platform, we are not your usual online learning community we added a little dose of fun and a touch of awesomeness to make your stay with us worthwhile.
We are geared towards bringing up batches of independent and self employed young adults, children, wives, and even old people . With the right tool at hand , we believe that we can make this world a better place and our commitment to making that happens is what keeps us going ..
At Gedev, we put our best in making each of our student a 21st century standard web designer/developer , others skills like graphics design are alway available on this platform and we create a unique teaching pattern unlike any other .

Easy Learning

Learning made easy, all you have to do is join any course and start exploring it contents.

Simplified Writing

Contents are written in a simple format with understandable examples.

Short Slides

Graphical contents stick more to memory so we added a little slides to our contents

Train Your Brain

Get to work your brain with exercises and test on the go as you study each lesson.

Master the Skills

Don't be a jack of all trades, Train more and take test to enhance your skills.

Graduate the Best

We don't have any formal graduation party , but be sure to celebrate after finishing a course.

Trusted by Over 2300+ Students

We have a first rate academic program, a very comfortable and easy to navigate learning environment with tons of available features and activities...

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